Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ramsaier sisters finish school days with perfect attendance


By Christopher Dunn

There's no doubt that Fast Eddie was smiling down. Mary, the youngest of three Eddie Ramsaier, graduated from Whitewater High School last Friday night. Beyond the achievement of finishing high school, Mary was capping off a special legacy for the Ramsaier girls.
All three of Eddie's daughters completed kindergarten through high school graduation, Ali from Starr's Mill in 2005, Gaby from Whitewater in 2009, and Mary this year, without missing a single day of school. That's a combined 39 years of perfect attendance!
"Perfect attendance was important to him," says Mary. "My grandfather, his dad, never missed a day of work. He believed that it showed a lot of character."
They had their fun stories and near misses along the way. "We all teased each other about it," Mary says. "If someone felt sick it was 'Awww, you're going to miss your first day!'"
Ali had people offer her money her senior year to skip school, but she wouldn't give in. Gaby was sick during CRCT testing and tried to gut it out, but things weren't looking good.
"Dad, of course, waited till it was the right time to pick her up and, what do you know, Gaby felt better when he got there," Mary says. Eddie liked to say he was always right 99.9% of the time.
Eddie would definitely be 100% proud of his daughters for their awesome achievement.


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