Friday, October 24, 2014

State rejects Tyrone’s petition for turn signals at Dogwood Trail


By Danny Harrison

How is it that the northbound and southbound turn lanes from Hwy. 74 onto Dogwood Trail don’t have dedicated turn arrows when all of the other nearby highway intersections do?
That’s the question Tyrone Planning Commission members asked Thursday night after Town Manager Kyle Hood announced that the Georgia Department of Transportation sees no need to add the turn signals.
According to Hood, the issues was raised a few months back during a planning commission meeting, and he subsequently petitioned GDOT to consider adding the turn signals. He said state officials laid down traffic-counting strips and even sent an employee to count left turns off the highway, but they reported back that they weren’t up for making any changes at the intersection.
“The number of vehicles that made left-turn movements did not meet the criteria,” Hood said. He further explained that the traffic accident count at that intersection was also too low to require state action.
Could the Town of Tyrone install the turn signals? Hood says yes, but he says it would be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, and he says he things the town is better off petitioning the state for a reconsideration.
“How can it not qualify when every other light along Hwy. 74 does qualify?” asked a seemingly surprised David Nebergall, vice chairman of the Tyrone Planning Commission.
Nebergall said he sees many close calls at the intersection where people have to wait in the turn lane until lights go amber, then they quickly make the turn. He said his concern is that over time more accidents will happen there.
“I’ve had that conversation with three different DOT officials,” Hood replied. “Feel free to start writing letters.”
Hood said the intersection will remain on City Hall’s radar. He said he expects Tyrone officials to continue petitioning the state for reconsideration.


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