Friday, July 11, 2014

WASA spending $297,000 to upgrade filtering equipment


By Pat Cooper

At last week’s meeting, the Peachtree City Water and Sewer Authority voted to spend $297,000 to replace diffusing equipment that has been costing the authority time and money.
The use of Aqua-Aerobics products, which are already in use in two other basins, was recommended by consulting engineer Cary Dial of Intergrated Science and Engineering.
Originally installed in 1989 and upgraded in 1999, the diffusers currently installed have met design life. The upgrades are not expected to meet design life.
In late 2013, WASA staff noted that the diffuser system for basins one and two at the Rockaway Water Treatment Plant were becoming ‘increasingly problematic’ and that was after only 15 years of service and the repairs are becoming more frequent, expensive and affect operations.”
“The equipment in Basins 1 and 2 have had multiple failures in recent years. These failures lead to reduced plant capacity and reduced treatment reliability and unanticipated maintenance costs.”
The equipment in Basins 3 and 4, manufactured by Aqua-Aerobics was installed in 2003 and has had no failures.
Staff wanted to match the equipment in all the basins to increase the level of reliability and consistency of treatment between basins. Dial said six possible replacement products were evaluated, including the two products currently in use.
Additionally, WASA needs to purchase the equipment as an authority in order to avoid contractor markup and applicable sales and excise taxes that would be charged through a contractor/bid. This is estimated to save 15-20 percent of the material cost. Once the equipment is purchased, installation/labor will be competitively negotiated with contractors.
Though Aqua-Aerobics’ proposed cost of $297,000 was significantly higher than that of the other bids submitted, Dial and staff members believed the price would be offset by the time and money spent with other manufacuteres. Additionally, it will also unify the manufacturer of the equipment across the four basins.
WASA had budgeted $435,000 as a line item on the Renewal and Replacement budget.
The board also agreed to purchase three fleet pickup trucks and add an additional truck to be used in the authority’s FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) program.
They agreed to spending $77,000 with Alan Vigil Ford to purchase two two-wheel drive and two four-wheel drive trucks.


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