Sunday, April 20, 2014

City handled snowjam with aplomb


By Pat Cooper

At Thursday’s council meeting, Peachtree City Mayor Vanessa Fleisch gave a nod of thanks and a round of applause to all the responders to last week’s snowjam, saying city residents should be proud of the way all departments responded to the incident.
“By the time the first snowflake fell, our public works department pretreated our major intersections and bridges. Throughout the storm they spread 270 tons of sand and salt on our roads while working 12-hours shifts to get the work done.”
She added that public works, police, and the fire department were in constant communication to facilitate road closures and to help with emergency access to areas across the city.
Throughout the three days, the fire department reported below average call volumes and there were actually no calls after 6 p.m. on Tuesday.
The police department had 20 officers patrolling the city on Tuesday, when the storm initially hit and offered assistance on the roads and the golf cart paths.
“We would also like to thank the police department’s auxiliary members who were on hand to direct traffic and help with road closures.”
“The police department was the primary source of information throughout the storm, providing updates approximately every four hours.”
In all, 12 roads across the city were deemed to slick to drive on and they were closed for a period of time.
“Overall, our city performed admirably. I want to thank all of the city employees for their work during the storm and for things you do for our citizens every day. The citizens of this community know and appreciate the work that you do. Over the course of the three days, I received many videos and pictures of you at work from appreciative residents.
“One citizen sent me a photo of a firefighter who helped her with a frozen pipe in her basement. I received a video of police officers directing traffic. People saw you and were thankful for you and your efforts.”
Fleisch’s thanks weren’t limited to employees as she also expressed thanks to all the citizens who heeded the advice to stay at home after they got there, especially on Wednesday, leaving the roads clear for public works to sand and salt roadways.”
Fleisch called it a ‘learning experience’ and said that department heads were going to meet on Friday to review the city’s performance, assess what was done right and what needed to be done in the future.
Bob Grove, a 33-year resident of Peachtree City also commended the staff on how the storm was handled.
“It’s easy to come up here and bark at this council, bring up bad things - and I’ve done that over the years - but this is strictly kudos to the city, especially public works. They did a fantastic job with the roads and everybody north of Atlanta should have the type of output they had here. They could probably learn a lot about taking care of a city by coming down here.”
Grove also added in kudos to Fleisch, saying she did a very good job of updating residents.
“It’s not something we’ve seen in the past from mayors. You let us know where the problem areas were and what to stay away from to allow for public safety.”


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