Sunday, April 20, 2014

County employees get one-time salary incentive payment


By Pat Cooper

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners is keeping its promise by releasing the one-time employee salary incentive payment funded in this year’s budget.
The board shut down years of deficit spending in the FY2014 budget, eliminating 32 full-time equivalent positions, abolishing the need for a tax increase. The staffing reduction meant the county needed to provide the same level of service with less staff, which is the primary reason the Board of Commissioners offered a unique two-percent of salary incentive payment to employees provided all budget expectations were met.
“The Board of Commissioners directed county staff to halt deficit budgeting while delivering an elevated level of customer service,” said Fayette County chairman Steve Brown. “With the assistance and cooperation of our department directors and staff, we provided adequate funding for healthcare costs while maintaining health insurance options and retirement plan benefits for our employees, acted on reductions that would not impact service delivery and negated the need for an increase in property taxes in the midst of a restrained economy.”
The board of commissioners got exactly what they we looking for in the FY2014 budget.  Fayette County’s FY2014 Budget is tracking as expected; with revenues slightly higher and expenditures under budget.
“The collaboration between our board of commissioners and constitutional officers is something to truly be proud of and the results of that partnership are reflected in our FY2014 budget,” said Fayette County manager Steve Rapson. 
All regular full-time and part-time employees are eligible who are in good standing, not subject to a Performance Improvement Plan, and were employed as of 1/31/2014. Elected officials, board members, seasonal, temporary workers (including temporary Election Clerks and Poll Workers) are ineligible.


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