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Fast Eddie’s daughter aims to \"Bring It Home\"


By Christopher Dunn

Ali Ramsaier is hoping to record an EP in her dad’s honor. (Special Photo)

Ali Ramsaier has a beautiful talent, and she wants to use it honor her father. You can help make that wish come true. 
I first met Ali last year when a friend suggested that I meet Eddie Ramsaier and maybe share his story with our readers. It was hard not to love the family right off the bat. It's a family filled with love…and music. Eddie passed in October. He was one of the best supporters of Ali's talents. 
"Throughout my life, my father has been my number one fan and an amazing support system. He has been to every audition, show, and competition," says Ali. "I know that in my life, my father would not want me to quit. This EP is dedicated to him."
Ali, Eddie's oldest daughter, has set out to record a five song EP of original material and is currently doing a pledge run on the website to fund the project. You can help make an amazing dream a reality. 
The name of the project, Bring It Home, harkens back to singing with her family.
"When I was singing a song and it was getting near the end, he would always yell out 'bring it home,'" remembers Ali. "I said I've gotta call it that."
There was always music and singing in the Ramsaier household, and it became Ali's passion. She was in band, chorus, and drama at Starr's Mill High School. Her passion paid off and led her to one of the world's best music programs, the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. 
Music has sent her on a fun journey that has shaped her as a performer, from back in high school when she worked at Coldstone Creamery and had to sing for tips to her time working on a day cruise ship performing disco hits. 
As a teacher, she gives vocal, acting, and piano lessons. She even had a famous piano student that made all her friends envious. She was hired to teach heartthrob Alex Pettyfer some piano basics for a movie that will be in theaters soon.
"He's a cutey. He has that charm. My neighbors in their 40s were jealous of me," she jokes.
She also went on national tour with the Women of Ireland. That was an experience.
"They introduced me one night as Allie O'Keefe from County Kerry," Ali laughed. "It was fun playing piano for them. I went cross country on a bus full of Irish people!"
That brings the story back around to Eddie. When Ali got the call to join the tour, her dad was in a coma in the hospital. She had to choose, but the choice was clear.
"My mom said if dad wakes up and finds out you didn't go, he'll be mad."
Eddie loved Ali and supported her every step of the way. She had to do that for him then, and she's doing this for him now.
With Bring It Home, Ali will again be working with Ryan Snow. Earlier this winter they recorded her debut single, a fun cover of 'White Christmas,' available on iTunes.
"Ryan knows exactly how to showcase my voice, and his passion for music is on the same level as mine," Ali says.
She'll be calling on many of her friends from Berklee and other stops to collaborate on Bring It Home. It will have an eclectic feel, much like her holiday debut.
"It'll be a bit like an Adele album with that R&B-soul feel, some of those Motown grooves," she says. "A bit of ragtime. It's not just one thing. It's everything. It's going to be fun."
She'll need your help to reach her goal. She's close to halfway to there, but she only has until February 7 to make it. If she does not reach her goal, contributions are not processed. All proceeds go towards production and distribution of the EP, including producing, mixing, mastering, studio musicians, and creating a physical copy of the CD. If she exceeds her goal, she'll use those contributions to record extra songs. 
Over 150 backers stand with her so far. The amount of support she's already received has been touching.
"Unbelievable! From family to friends from high school and even teachers, it's been insane," says Ali. "I've cried several times just because I was so shocked at who contributed. It's a blessing, and the best part about this project is that so many people are behind it and support it." 
Kickstarter is a great tool to fund exciting new projects. An Oscar-nominated movie got its funding started through the site. Ali's EP should be the next success story. Help her Bring It Home.


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