Thursday, April 17, 2014

Volunteers sought to restore old church


By Pat Cooper

Still working toward preserving the oldest church in the county, members are looking for volunteers to help with some of the grunt work.
Hopeful Primitive Baptist Church, located at 92 N. New Hope Road, opened its doors in 1825 but it has since fallen into disrepair over the years as the congregation thinned out and the building aged.
According to church member and crusader Judy Chastain, on some Sundays, just a handful of people could be seen. Now, since the county inspector slapped the violation notice on the front door, nobody shows up, except those who yearn for the old church’s Renaissance as an active force in the community.
Chastain says over the years, with fewer people in attendance, the church’s condition has deteriorated. A hail storm which damaged the outside of the building even further could have been, she said, a blessing in disguise.
“It made us look at it with an eye to repairs.”
Thus far, the fund raising efforts have only yielded several thousand dollars, but the fund raising effort goes on. The committee is looking for volunteers to lend a hand, a hammer, saw or funds. The Pray for Hopeful’s Preservation committee is asking for volunteers to call and register with the committee. Volunteers can call 770-719-0438 to register to help or for more information between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.


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