Saturday, October 25, 2014

Peachtree City repair projects list nearly complete


By Pat Cooper

By Pat Cooper

According to Community Services Director Jon Rorie, Peachtree City is close to not only using the balance of the $3 million from the facilities bond, but also to completing the projects on the city’s check list of repair items.
“We only have four or five projects still in the hopper.”
Rorie noted that the city has some $57,000 set aside for the sewer project at fire station 83 and the budgeted numbers are in line with opening bids.
Rorie said that staffers are still working out the punch list for the recreation administration building, but he believes it will be completed in the near future.
“They’re just minor issues and we’re right on track to get it done.”
The Peachtree City Library roof, the ongoing project that cost the city some $572,000, has finally reached an end and only $172 over budget.
The $45,000 is still available for the electrical grounding upgrades to all of the city’s pools.
The biggest project still open, according to Rorie, is the ongoing maintenance and repair on the city’s All Children’s Playground. With a $42,000 budget, Rorie said the city is making progress towards a new surface, working with vendors to get the proper materials for the surfacing.
The city has also replaced some of the adaptive swings, replacing them with regular swings because of problems with the special swings for disabled children.
“We want to make sure we get the right product in place for a long-term investment. We don’t want to do what we did before. It’s in the works. We couldn’t have done anything this summer anyway; it gets too much use.”
The next big unveiling, Rorie indicated, would be the grand re-opening of the completely renovated Glenloch Community Center on October 16.
“It’s been a beast but we’ve finally concluded it. There are several things we plan to do that day. One of them is in honor of Lew Franco, who spent a lot time keeping those tennis courts maintained and open so people could play out there.
“It may not be completely finished but we’re going to take the time to launch a mission statement and expectation statement as the city transitions into a maintenance mode for these upgraded facilties.”


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